Story Helix: a community storytelling project
Tracing our EUGeneology. Intertwining stories past, present, and not yet imagined. 
Wordcrafters and Lane Arts Call for Submissions! Mixtape Vol 1: "Belonging" Dropping Aug-Sept 2021 at ArtWalk . (Image of cassette tape with StoryHelix logo taped on the label.)

WHAT is StoryHelix?  StoryHelix invites you to share your stories in a recorded or written format. This is not a contest! This is a collection of stories about our community that we create together.

All community members are encouraged to call in and engage with the prompts!

The stories will be published and shared, here on the StoryHelix website, and on YouTube or our podcast.

Lane Arts Council is partnering with us to highlight stories from BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, & People of Color) identifying community members. A few of the stories will be visually represented by graphic designers and illustrators and installed around downtown Eugene during August and September. If you’re interested in being one of the graphic designers, head here to apply!

Community Stories

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Rights & Requirements

WHY StoryHelix? This project is grounded in the ideal of making our area a braver, safer, more beautiful, and more equitable place to live. If we are to move into a better imagined future, a reckoning with our past and current stories is needed. The StoryHelix project invites us to examine what stories we have inherited, and what stories we will pass down. 

“People create stories create people; or rather stories create people create stories.”

 Chinua Achebe

Thank you for trusting us with your story. 

About Our Project Name: A double helix is the structure of a DNA molecule: what makes a living being who or what it is. Our DNA is shaped by our ancestors’ experiences and environments. If just one of the letters (A, T, G, C)  is removed, ignored, or changed, the entire being is altered — even becoming an entirely different creature. Communities are like this as well. Eugene and Springfield, and the surrounding areas have a complicated history and present surrounding erasure, inclusion, and exclusion. For too long, many in our community have not been heard. StoryHelix hopes to honor our community’s letters, and their juxtapositions, and to weave a new narrative together.

This project is sponsored in part by the City of Eugene Cultural Services Downtown Program Fund.