Dave Rogers

powered by Sounder Dave Rogers made a short and sweet call into the Helix Hotline while inside the Reflections Phonebooth at Oakshire Brewing Company in … Read More

Emma Jones

powered by Sounder Emma Jones talks about a picnic in the rose garden with the person featured in the previous episode.

Ian Winbrock

powered by Sounder Ian Winbrock speaks about moving his political activism from his day job into his volunteer life, and about finding love again.

Abigail Leeder

powered by Sounder Abigail Leeder talks about commune living with large groups of people, Country Fair, personal growth, and more Eugene experiences, while at Oakshire … Read More

Andre Royal Sr.

Andre Royal, Sr.

powered by Sounder Listen to artist, chef, children’s book author, and founder of nonprofit Suddenly Sleepy , Andre Royal, Sr . as he talks about … Read More

Kate Risdau

powered by Sounder Kate Risdau, Executive Director of Willamette Writers, talks about an experience at the University of Oregon.

Liandymary Jimenez Otero

powered by Sounder Local business owner, singer, healthcare worker, and event planner, Liandymary Jimenez Otero speaks about the importance of creating welcoming places that feel … Read More

Jeff Velez

powered by Sounder Health professional and dancer Jeff Velez shares his experience moving to Eugene from Chicago. His interview partner for the evening is in … Read More

Margaret Steinbrunn

powered by Sounder Margaret Steinbrunn shares some of her adventures while sitting at Oakshire Brewing company in the Whiteaker Neighborhood of Eugene, OR. Her interview … Read More