Conversations After the West Eugene Strides for Social Justice Walk

In this very special episode, a group of high school students discuss their reactions to the Reynolds’ Family legacy, the KKK’s presence and impact in Eugene, and their own experiences with racism here, after embarking on the Strides for Social Justice walk through West Eugene. They also discuss their thoughts on what might create a more inclusive community.

My Mom

This young community member talks about their mother’s trek across the country to live in Oregon.

Giselle Pena

Giselle Pena talks about how belonging and not belonging feel.


This community member talks about what home should feel like.

East of the Cascades VS West of the Cascades

This community member talks about her family’s origin story in Oregon, and the sharp distinction that the changes in the environment had on her, when crossing to this side of the Cascades.

Jordan Crosier

Jordan Crosier talks about Motor Cross Racing in Lane County.

The Legare Series

Serenity and Misael Legare joined us at Oakshire Brewing Company at the opening of the Reflections Phone Booth by the Whiteaker Community Art Team’s A Call to Our Future. Here are five episodes from their conversation!