We are now collecting stories for Mixtape Volume 2. The theme of this collection is Rekindling. Pick any one of these categories: Lighting a Candle, Stoking the Ashes, or Gathering Kindling, and interview yourself or a friend. You can stick to these questions, or use these as a starting point to ask your own! Click here to see all the questions at once.

There are many ways to participate. YOU CAN:

OPTION 1: Sign up for an interview online.

Pick a time with a friend or family member, and book an appointment via google calendar, here or at the embedded form below.

  • StoryHelix Coordinator, Leah Velez will walk you through the process, and handle all of the recording so you can focus on each other.
  • Estimated time commitment: 45 minutes. (15 minutes for each person to tell their story, and 15 for instructions, questions, and wiggle room.)
  • Most appointment slots are virtual. Occasionally, in person slots are available. The next in person interview date is August 18, 2023. (Can’t make that day? Fill out the interest form to request an in person date.)

OPTION 2: Call the number below:


You’ll be prompted through a menu.

At the beep,

  • say your name, pronouns, and any cultural identifiers you’d like to share (and if you want to stay anonymous) and then,
  • You will have 2 minutes to tell your story! (If you find that you have more to say, please do option one or three!)

OPTION 3: Upload your story: