There are many ways to participate. YOU CAN:

OPTION 1: Sign up for an interview online.

Pick a time with a friend or family member, and book an appointment via google calendar, here or at the embedded form below.

  • StoryHelix Coordinator, Leah Velez will walk you through the process, and handle all of the recording so you can focus on each other.
  • Estimated time commitment: 45 minutes. (15 minutes for each person to tell their story, and 15 for instructions, questions, and wiggle room.)

OPTION 2: Call the number below:


You’ll be prompted through a menu.

At the beep,

  • say your name, pronouns, and any cultural identifiers you’d like to share (and if you want to stay anonymous) and then,
  • You will have 2 minutes to tell your story! (If you find that you have more to say, please do option one or three!)

OPTION 3. Upload your story.