Health professional and dancer Jeff Velez shares his experience moving to Eugene from Chicago. His interview partner for the evening is in the following episode!

Lane Arts Council and Wordcrafters in Eugene collaborated to bring the first five stories of the StoryHelix Belonging Mixtape together with professional artists to create a unique installation at the Eugene Public Library (100 W 10th Ave, Eugene) July through September 2022. The art below is inspired by the story you’re hearing now! Click here to see more about this collaboration on the Lane Arts Council website.


About the art: “When I first listened to Jeff’s story, I was drawn to his descriptions of the various places that he mentioned and the feelings he described when looking back on those memories. I wanted to show some of those places where he felt like he belonged to something larger than himself. Since this was Jeff’s story, I also wanted to feature him prominently in the design with a portrait and have his words literally with him. The figures at the bottom represented the dance and musical community that Jeff was able to find in Eugene. The warm, bright color palette helps to communicate the fleeting feeling that memories often have.”

About the artist: Brandon is an independent illustrator and artist. His work is characterized by bright colors, energetic movement, and fun. Working from wherever the inspiration hits, you can find Brandon sketching out ideas almost anywhere. He works in a large variety of mediums from digital, to acrylic, to oil paint.