Your story should be true, and it should be about you.

It can be poetic, it can be essayistic, it can be funny, it can be sad, it can be about the past, present, or a desired future. Above all, the story should be yours to tell, and less than 10 minutes long.


You retain all the rights to your story.

By sharing your story here, you are giving Wordcrafters’ “StoryHelix” the right to use your recording. You give StoryHelix and its community partners (including Lane Arts Council and their agents) permission to share it in a variety of media formats, to transcribe it, translate it, and/or pair it with graphic artist or designers. 

You understand that your story may be lightly edited for length restrictions.

We are not in the business of gatekeeping stories, we want to honor the fact that not all stories are pretty, and hateful things have happened and continue to happen that might include uncomfortable language or violence. We do, however, reserve the right to block, remove or delete any content at any time, with or without notice, for any reason (including if we think the upload violates the project’s goals) without liability and limitation.

You also acknowledge that while this is not a contest, you am not entitled to publication. You understand that if your submission doesn’t fit the community guidelines, or stay within the length requirements, StoryHelix (and its partners) reserve the right not to publicize it.