Liandymary Jimenez Otero

Local business owner, singer, healthcare worker, and event planner, Liandymary Jimenez Otero speaks about the importance of creating welcoming places that feel like home. Her interview partner for the evening is in the previous episode!

Lane Arts Council and Wordcrafters in Eugene collaborated to bring the first five stories of the StoryHelix Belonging Mixtape together with professional artists to create a unique installation at the Eugene Public Library (100 W 10th Ave, Eugene) July through September 2022. The art below is inspired by the story you’re hearing now! Click here to see more about this collaboration on the Lane Arts Council website.


About the art: “I met with Liandy at a cafe wherein she told me all about how she came to Eugene after a road trip all over the U.S, as well as the complexities of being an immigrant, a person of color, and from a colony. Liandy’s passion for community and culture building is infectious, and I believe that Eugene will greatly benefit from her influence. I’m happy that through this process I made another friend. The use of tropical plants was natural, both because of Liandy’s plant business, but also as a symbol of “planting roots” and growth. Liandy is drawn holding a watering can with the Puerto Rican flag to represent the background and knowledge she brings from the island and its culture. The road in the background is a nod to her roadtrip, which leads into Peter DeFazio Bridge. Finally, I had to draw the coqui frogs at the top (a cultural symbol in P.R.) joyfully dancing the salsa.”

About the artist: Erick Wonderly Varela is an artist, illustrator, and cartoonist based in Eugene, Oregon. His work often uses bright, bold colors, and focuses on wildlife and food illustration, as well as reflections on their Honduran heritage. On top vending at the Whiteaker Community Market, Erick’s work has been commissioned by several local businesses and organizations. Their work can be seen on instagram @erick__ink