Margaret Steinbrunn shares some of her adventures while sitting at Oakshire Brewing company in the Whiteaker Neighborhood of Eugene, OR. Her interview partner for the evening is in the previous episode!

Lane Arts Council and Wordcrafters in Eugene collaborated to bring the first five stories of the StoryHelix Belonging Mixtape together with professional artists to create a unique installation at the Eugene Public Library (100 W 10th Ave, Eugene) July through September 2022. The art below is inspired by the story you’re hearing now! Click here to see more about this collaboration on the Lane Arts Council website.


About the art: “This project was such a wonderful opportunity to connect on an intimate level with another member of the queer community. It was such a joy to sit down with Margaret and hear her experience of the joy, strength, and resilience of the LGBTQ community in Eugene in the 80’s and 90’s. I wanted this art to really capture the ways in which Eugene felt like a safe haven of gay bars and dancing, and also highlight the enduring camaraderie of the activism and struggle for the right to exist openly and authentically.”

About the artist: 
Chelsea is a multimedia fine artist with more than a decade of experience working in the design industry. She specializes in custom hand-drawn illustration. She uses her work as an opportunity to connect with the community, bring artistry to small local businesses, and keep locally owned journalism alive and well. When not putting all of her energy into creative pursuits, she enjoys bouldering at Elevation, swimming at the Y, and dancing ballet at BFan. Chelsea is currently a full time graphic artist and illustrator for Eugene Weekly.