Step 1: Prompts & Inspo

Option 1

Pick any one of these, or combine the ones you like and interview yourself:

  • What does “belonging” feel like? If “belonging” had a smell, what would it be? If “belonging” had a flavor, what would it taste like? If “belonging” were a photo, what would it look like? Describe a moment you felt you belonged in Lane County. AND/ OR Describe a moment you felt like you didn’t. 
  • What’s your favorite place* to hang out in Eugene? When do you go there? What does it feel like to be there?  *A place that is not your home or workplace, like a favorite cafe, park, venue, etc. 
  • Describe one of your strongest memories that occurred in Eugene? Where exactly did it occur? What do you remember seeing, hearing, and smelling?
  • How did you (or your family) come to live in Oregon? What did you (or they) hope for? What have you experienced? What made you decide to make your home here? Does it feel like home?
  • If Eugene was a musical instrument, what type of instrument would it be? Why? If Eugene was a machine, what kind of machine would it be? Why? If Eugene was a type of weather, what type of weather would it be? Why? If Eugene was a piece of clothing, what kind of clothing would it be? Why?
  • How has Eugene shaped you? How have you shaped Eugene?

Option 2

Download the Strides for Justice App from Peace Health and the Eugene Marathon.

Choose one of the tours around Eugene or Springfield.

Get outside, move, and get some history!

At the end of the tour, find a spot to sit and relax.

Choose one (or a couple) of the reflection questions in the app to respond to.

Then, call the hotline, and speak your reflections aloud.

Strides for Social Justice is an app created by PeaceHealth and the Eugene Marathon created to contribute to a socially just and unified Eugene/Springfield with the advice and support from the following community organizations: