These are the StoryHelix Mixtape Volume 1: Belonging Questions.

Pick any one of these, or combine the ones you like and interview yourself or a friend!
Click the images to enlarge them.

Or try out some prompts from our project partners!

Find the REFLECTIONS phonebooth and Call your Future Self!

In “A Call for Our Future” the Whiteaker Community Art Team (WCAT) is using a mobile visual art installation that resembles a British Red Telephone Box.

Inside the installation, call and provide a message to your future self, two years from now.

What your experiences have been during the pandemic? What have your experiences been surrounding the fact that took a global pandemic to provide people the space and free time to join an international human rights movement against Black violence, racism, and systemic oppression? What do you want your future self to remember? Reflect on what future you want, and commit to building.
Strides for Social Justice
Download the Strides for Justice App from Peace Health and the Eugene Marathon.
Choose one of the tours around Eugene or Springfield.

Get outside, move, and get some history!

At the end of the tour, find a spot to sit and relax.

Choose one (or a couple) of the reflection questions in the app to respond to.

Then, call the hotline, and speak your reflections aloud.

Strides for Social Justice is an app created by PeaceHealth and the Eugene Marathon created to contribute to a socially just and unified Eugene/Springfield with the advice and support from the following community organizations:
Eugene/Springfield NAACP
Healthy Moves and Let’s Move Fitness
I Too, Am Eugene
Oregon Black Pioneers