The Belonging Mixtape

(for the Belonging Mixtape Prompts, click here)

StoryHelix Mixtape Volume 1 is a collection of stories on the theme of Belonging. These stories were collected between 2021 and 2022. Wordcrafters in Eugene collaborated with the Whiteaker Community Arts Team on a bright red “Reflections” Phonebooth and phone line to help gather stories and spread the word about our story-gathering projects at Oakshire Public House and the Riverfront Festival. We also partnered with the Strides for Social Justice app for people to share their thoughts after walking routes dedicated to Black History in Eugene. Wordcrafters in Eugene also provided writing residencies to three classes at Kalapuya High School throughout the school year where students interviewed each other and members of the community. The Lane Arts Council chose five stories, and found local artists to work with the storytellers to represent them visually. These pieces were displayed to the community on the windows of the Downtown Eugene Public Library for several months leading up to the Belonging Mixtape Release Party at the Oregon Wine Lab, which you can read about here.

Transcripts for each episode are available on the podcast website.

You can also listen here: